Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Canadian Women Roll On In Sochi

Jennifer Jones. Rollin' along at the Sochi Olympics with an impressive 4 - 0 record thus far. This is the dream tournament for this well-decorated veteran and she looks intent on being golden. The Winnipeg Free Press wrote a heartfelt article about Jennifer and an interview with her mother and father. What an incredible thing it must be for a parent to see their child competing and doing well in an Olympic Games. And pretty anxious times as well. Especially when watching that nail-biter against Muirhead from GRB.

Team Jacobs has put themselves back on the upside with a win today (last night) against Russia. They are now 2 - 2 and hopefully will use that win to put some wind in their sails and get the momentum going.

The late and early hours of these games are tough on a working stiff. I've been watching the midnight games and then waking up at 5 am to watch the morning game. A true curling chronic indeed but man, by 5 pm, I need toothpicks to keep my eyes open. Nutsville for sure, but these are the Olympics and they only come around every 4 years. I am hoping that the next winter Olympics will be hosted in a location with a timezone that is easier to work with.

In BRCC womens' action, it looks like Team Anita Moran (with Joanna Hammond, Hayley Horton and Denise Hutchings) will represent the BRCC at the Dominion Club Championships in March. With a win over Team Lucy Ann Trudeau last night, Anita and her squad earned the berth into this event. For the men, it will be Dave Mitchell and his crew (Gator Fortin, Richard Olmstead and Scott Smith) virtue of winning the club championship last season. This event will be hosted by the BRCC so here's a good weekend to hang out at the club and watch some good curling as teams from all over the region will be here to compete. This event will go off March 7, 8 and 9. Save the date!

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Anonymous said...

Next Olympics in Korea. More watching in the night.

Anonymous said...

On Anita's team, it's Joanna, Hayley and Kristy blanchet ;)